Evolve IP Customers

Special offer for customers of Evolve IP

Export your calls to your SFTP server

Evolve IP is deprecating their FTP export support this year. TransferVox has a special offer to Evolve IP customers to help make the transition seamless. We're experts in moving call recordings from one platform to another!

Export Options

We support a myriad of export endpoints. Whether you need to get your calls from Evolve IP to an SFTP server, or you want to migrate your call recordings to encrypted AWS S3 storage for long-term and cost effective archiving — we are prepared to make it simple. We also support Gong.io, Chorus.ai, and other third-party tools.

Why use TransferVox?

We specialize solely in securely and reliably transferring call recordings from a variety of vendors. Our systems are robust and single-focused, allowing us to minimize downtime and ensure that each and every recording is transferred as expected. Even if an endpoint goes down, our system keeps track of the outage and will automatically catch back up once the endpoint is restored.

Encrypted and Secured

We only utilize fully encrypted communications to transfer your recordings. This means everything is secured in transit and at rest.


Maintain your compliance by ensuring that you have a secondary storage for your call recordings.


per recorded line per month

  • Includes up to 1,000 calls per user
  • $2 per 1k extra recordings per user
  • Connect a single endpoint



  • If you have unique needs, get in touch!
  • High volume of calls
  • Multiple endpoint connections
  • One-time data transfers
  • Managed backup services
The use of the Evolve IP name and logo do not constitute an endorsement or certification by Evolve IP of TransferVox. We are an independent company that provides services to Evolve IP customers.