Export call recordings for eDiscovery

Ensure secure extraction of sensitive voice data from any platform

Export call recording and metadata from any service

TransferVox specializes in exporting data from phone providers, who often have complex and intricate archiving systems. Our proprietary platform, backed up by our engineers decades of experience, can ensure that if the data exists — TransferVox can make it accessible to you.

Export Options

Depending on the volume of data, we provide a variety of methods to make the call recordings and metadata accessible to you — either electronically or via physical device. In every case, all data is fully encrypted using industry standards. We can also provide conversion services to ensure audio files playback without specialized software.

Why use TransferVox?

We specialize solely in securely and reliably exporting call recordings from a variety of vendors. Our systems are robust and singularly-focused, allowing us to ensure that each and every recording is transferred as expected.

Encrypted and Secured

We only utilize fully encrypted communications to transfer your recordings. This means everything is secured in transit and at rest.

Prompt Turnaround Time

Our team is ready and will always quickly to your needs, as well as offering expedited emergency services.

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