Dubber And Amazon S3

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Dubber is one of most reliable, secure, and scalable call recording software available to businesses. Dubber automatically records incoming and outgoing calls and stores the data in one place. No downloads or installations are required on your end to use Dubber. You can choose to access your recordings from any device from anywhere in the world. With Dubber, you’ll always have access to your data as long as you have internet connection.

AWS S3 is a cloud storage provider that is well-renowned for… well, storing data! When you store a file on S3, Amazon provides 99.999999999% durability over a given year. (Nope, that’s not a typo!)

TransferVox can connect Dubber to Amazon S3 so that you can have a secondary backup of your recordings, or so that you can parse the calls using your own internal systems. TransferVox also offers other endpoints for your recordings, including SFTP, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Everything about Dubber

Dubber is the perfect call recording software-as-service for your business needs. It’s not just a call recording software, it’s a service. You can count on Dubber to be there when you need to manage your workforce and improve customer care. The benefits of Dubber are endless: easy to use, scalable, and dependable.

Why store on Amazon S3?

Storing on Amazon is safer for many reasons - but it mostly comes down to two things: durability and security controls. AWS has world-renowned durability - to ensure against data loss - and you can increase that durability by storing recordings in multiple locations across the US or world.

How does TransferVox help integrate Dubber and Amazon S3?

TransferVox, the absolute experts in call recording migrations, has just announced a new feature that will seamlessly integrate Dubber and S3. TransferVox seamlessly integrates the two, so that your recordings are immediately available in Amazon S3. TransferVox also works with a wide variety of other destination services to meet your needs.

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