Automate your call recording platform.

Unleash the power of data within phone calls.

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Workflow Automation

Connect your phone data — including call recordings and transcripts — to a wide variety of CRMs, AI analysis tools, or your custom system. TransferVox securely integrates with your phone provider or call recording platform to let you create advanced automations to fit your needs.

Call Archiving and Secondary Storage

TransferVox allows you to securely and efficiently move your data to another storage location. If you have compliance requirements for your phone calls, keeping that data backed up is a critical piece of your disaster mitigation plans.

Reporting and Analysis

Do you need to be able to deeply analyze your phone data? TransferVox can help you connect your existing BI and reporting tools with your phone provider or recording platform. Or, use our basic reporting dashboard for simple data analysis.


per recorded line per month

  • Includes up to 1,000 calls per user
  • $2 per 1k extra recordings per user
  • Connect a single endpoint



  • If you have unique needs, get in touch!
  • High volume of calls
  • Multiple endpoint connections
  • One-time data transfers
  • Managed backup services

How it Works

TransferVox seamlessly connects with your telephony or recording platform and your desired endpoint. Our system allows you to define automations that occur as soon as a call has completed, or to run exports on an as-needed basis.

Our systems create a secure tunnel between the originator platform and the receiver platform, utilizing tools that are HIPAA and PCI/DSS compliant.