Transfer call recordings anywhere.

Securely transfer call recordings from anywhere, to anywhere. Break your recordings out of your vendor silos and retain data ownership.

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Break free from silos

Don’t let your sensitive call recording data be locked to a particular vendor. TransferVox allows you to securely and efficiently move your data to another storage location. Break free from arbitrary retention policies set by your provider — store your call recordings for the precise length of time you need!

Move recordings to other platforms

Are you using AI or NLP for your calls? Get access to the latest and greatest in speech analytics — and change with ease when the next new thing comes along. We'll ensure your recordings are delivered to any AI provider so that your team can stay on the leading edge.

Complete compliance

Relying on a single vendor to manage your call recordings leaves you exposed to hackers, inadvertent deletions, and other mishaps. You wouldn’t backup your mission critical data to a single datacenter. Keep your call recording storage diversified so that it is available on your terms and under your control.


per recorded line per month

  • Includes 1,000 recordings per user
  • $1 per 1k extra recordings per user
  • Send files to one AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage, or your own server (using SFTP, SCP, or FTPS). Each additional endpoint after the first may incur fees.
  • User count determined by number of users set to record in your calling platform



  • If you have unique needs, get in touch
  • High volume of call recordings
  • One-time bulk transfers
  • Transfers to,, QuickTranscript
  • Managed AWS secondary storage

How it works

TransferVox seamlessly connects with your telephony platform and monitors for any new call recordings that occur. As soon as the recording is available, our system picks it up and transfers it to the endpoint that you’ve specified. This is all done with full encryption in transit and no call recording data is ever stored at rest by TransferVox.

Our systems create a secure tunnel between the originator platform and the receiver platform, utilizing tools that are HIPAA and PCI/DSS compliant. No matter how sensitive your data, you can rest assured that we never have access or visibility to the recording itself.

Outage protection

If either the originator or receiver platform has an outage — you never have to worry. TransferVox queues the recording and will automatically catch back up once the service is restored.

Secure secondary storage

By default, we don’t store your call recordings. However, we offer fully-managed storage on an opt-in basis, where we store your recordings in an isolated and encrypted Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. This is recommended as a failsafe for extreme situations, but you get the benefit of our discounted AWS rates based on the large volume of recordings we store for customers. (It’s often cheaper to store with TransferVox than pointing your recordings to your own S3 bucket — but it’s your choice!) Contact us today for the latest pricing.